Our philosophy

Investing in skills training and effective business connections for women entrepreneurs is a powerful tool to combat inequality and uplift families and entire communities.

Investing in skills, business education and sustainable development ensures that women entrepreneurs and small businesses have every chance to reach their full economic potential.

A woman’s success in business has the potential to transform generations.

The success of our country relies on our ability to become a more inclusive society by closing the opportunity gap.

When women improve, everyone benefits.


1.- To help women entrepreneurs, small businesses and entrepreneurs to become successful and able to manage and run their own businesses in a sustainable manner.

2.- To harness women’s natural entrepreneurial spirit and creativity and help Peruvian businesswomen and small business entrepreneurs in US.

3.- To further enhance the contributions of women entrepreneurs towards the vitality of the family and the economy.


1.- Network of Peruvian Women Entrepreneurs- PWE NET, has as a purpose to expand and develop a multifunctional cooperative model of small businesses among women entrepreneurs from Peru and the United States.

2.- To facilitate communication through a service platform that integrates the entire community involved in the PWE, including all the employees and organizations that support the service.

3.- To support and facilitate business training for women entrepreneurs, as well as tools, resources and funds to help them grow their businesses.

4.- To empower women through entrepreneurship in a wide array of sectors of business, supporting them in initiating and strengthening their different types of business, with a focus on imports and exports.

5.- A special focus on women from underserved communities, small businesswomen in the US and Peru, to help them start and grow their businesses.

6.- Initiative designed to empower businesswomen (US residents and Peruvian citizens) to start and grow their businesses, with a comprehensive business plan, ongoing business coaching, and a network of contacts for future advice and support.

7.- To offer help to women interested in starting a business, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

8.- To tackle the common barriers faced by women who want to start their own business.

10.- To provide women entrepreneurs with the tools they need to turn their skills and passion into a successful business.

11.- To use every tool we have to connect women—particularly from underserved communities—to the resources they need to turn their talent into businesses that can support families and neighborhoods.

12.- To foster women entrepreneurship in the US, among residents of Peru and of the United States, and to keep their businesses competitive in the long term.

13.- To help cultivate the talents of women entrepreneurs that have the potential to be the next generation of success stories.

14.- To provide introductory business courses, workshops on basic business skills, one-on-one mentoring, loan negotiation workshops, intensive classes (like the Business Pathways), and a comprehensive, easy-to-use directory of services for women entrepreneurs.

15.- To connect women business owners in the US with the “10,000 Small Businesses women”, a project promoted by Goldman Sachs in Peru.

16.- Promote the construction of an international network of business contacts between entrepreneurs and ongoing training women through a comprehensive service platform, to incorporate the provision and delivery of information and efficient, quick, effective communication, according to the aims .

17.- Promote inter institutional relations with similar organizations in women, international level, to find mutual benefits that facilitate the fulfillment of our goals, trying to focus on business, learning and sharing of knowledge and skills.

18.- Promote and realize intercommunication through the development of magazines, several programs online, radio, TV, print media, social networks, etc.

19.- Promote and hold fairs, business conferences, trade missions and various events of local, national and international businesses.

20.- . Prepare and develop training programs and communication to improve the skills and potential of women, in their role as leader in the development of family and community.


1.- An Advisory Council consisting of a diverse set of women: successful women entrepreneurs, professionals and intellectuals, who are willing to work for a common end. We will also rely on non-profit organizations and other philanthropic partners.

2.- We will promote a collaboration between American and Peruvian organizations, to support all our services for small businesses.

3.- Perform all kinds of agreements and inter-institutional agreements, especially with universities and specialized centers in business, finance, marketing, legal, exports and imports, among others, if as with other public and government related institutions.

4.- Seek cooperation and support from any public or private institution that is interested in the aims we pursue.

  1. Perform several agreements to try to incorporate as college students practical field trainers in direct support for our aims, through its campuses.
  2. Add as many successful women entrepreneurs and professional women specialists as a real support for our aims and objectives.